Transport and access

The latest information on our proposals can be found in an updated Q&A from October 2019, which is available here.

A Transport Assessment (TA) is being prepared, which will:

  • Identify a package of sustainable transport improvements.

  • Identify what local road improvements are needed.

This will be agreed with the local planning and highway authorities before the planning application is determined. It is expected that financial contributions will be secured by a Section 106 legal agreement in order to secure the delivery of those improvements.

Site access and movement strategy

Site access and movement strategy


Three points of vehicular access are proposed via:

  • A new three arm roundabout to the north of the existing
    A386/New Road junction.

  • An extension of the eastern end of Pick Pie Drive into the
    site, and opening up of the ‘Woolwell cul-de-sac’.

  • An extension of the northern end of Towerfield Drive into
    the site.

We have considered carefully whether Bickleigh Down Road is needed as a main vehicular access. Discussions with the local highway authority are ongoing but the findings of the TA work is that it is not needed as a main access. We understand that local preference, due to the existing character of the road, is that it is not fundamentally changed to accommodate larger
traffic flows. We therefore propose that Bickleigh Down Road will be retained for access to existing properties and businesses, with pedestrian and cycle connections enhanced into the site and the proposed community facilities. There is potentially scope to allow for some limited development to access here, or indeed to stop up the road within the development to reduce traffic flows and improve the pedestrian environment.


The Woolwell to The George Scheme

Our proposals have been designed to complement ‘The Woolwell to The George’ highway improvements promoted by Plymouth
City Council (PCC).

The scheme proposes to:

  • Widen A386 between Woolwell Roundabout and The George Junction to provide two lanes in each direction, removing the current need to merge

  • Improve the operation of the Woolwell Roundabout

  • Support greater travel by public transport, walking and cycling

The planned completion of the scheme in 2021 will align well with when works on site are anticipated to commence. PCC is committed to the delivery of this scheme to address existing capacity constraints. We expect a financial contribution to be made from this development.


Walking and Cycling

The masterplan proposes to upgrade existing footways on Pick Pie Drive, Woolwell Road (East), Towerfield Drive and Woolwell Crescent to provide a shared pedestrian and cycle route. These upgraded routes will connect into the existing cycle route provision proposed as part of ‘The Woolwell to the George’ highway improvements along the A386. On site, a network of recreational routes will be provided throughout the new Community Park, including walking, cycling and horse riding. Ample cycle parking will be provided on site and at key local facilities.


Public transportation

Strategic transport context

Strategic transport context

The proposals are expected to include:

  • Extension to and doubling the frequency of the existing 42C bus route that currently serves Woolwell, bringing it into the site on a 15 minute frequency rather than the existing 30 minute service, to Plymouth;

  • Extension of The George Park & Ride bus service (No.100) into the site, serving both the existing and new community;

  • Improvements to local bus stops within Woolwell and on the A386.


Other measures

Other transport proposals include:

  • A Travel Plan and coordinator to encourage new residents to adopt sustainable modes of transport;

  • A car club, bicycle and smart-working hub and vouchers for residents to spend on bikes or bus passes;

  • Personal travel advisors to assist both existing and new residents with their travel options, information and incentives.